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Who is this guy?

My name is Josh Romeo! It’s so very nice to meet you! This my improv show!

I grew up in Albany, New York and have many fond awesome fun memories of living there. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by community theatre and improv comedy. I was able to participate in 50 productions before I left for college! I am currently in my senior year at Wagner College on Staten Island studying Theater Performance with a minor in Art.

Besides performing I love drawing (all of the graphics for this website are drawn by me!). I also love animals, adventuring, making people laugh, playwrighting, creating, and using my imagination. Ever since I was young my mom has ensured that a love for being creative and thinking outside the box was integral to my life!

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What's This Thing All About?

The simple answer is The Josh Romeo Show is a culmination of all of my passions and dreams in one little project.

I love performing in musicals and plays but my passion has always been improv performance. There is something so magical and special about it! It allows the improvisers to use their imagination to their fullest potential and create something fresh and new EVERY TIME! In my pre college years I participated in many improvisational classes and performances with Consortium Actors. I then created and lead the Spin Cycle, Wagner College’s premiere improv troupe, for three years until my graduation, as well as watching every episode of "Who's Line is it Anyway?"!

I came up with the idea for this improv show in a time of much self discovery. I went through a period of my life, as I’m assuming many nearly graduate college students do, of feeling lost. The impending doom of leaving the safety of school, coupled with many hours of self reflection and rebuilding, and combined with working a job that I no longer felt the same passion for, lead me to here. I have always wanted to create an improv show that could be whatever I wanted. That’s what improv is! Making whatever you want reality. In addition, I wanted to create something that could benefit both myself, and the people I love.

I am very fortunate to have tons and tons of people in my life that have had enormous impacts on who I am today. From theatre teachers, to directors, to mentors, to best friends, I feel there is no way I could ever thank these people. The best way I decided I could show my gratitude is create an improv show that they can do with me. Something that I could build that they can participate in and benefit from so I can give them just one ounce of what they have given me. Everyone you see perform with me in this show at any improvised performance has had a major impact on my life and I am very grateful for them.

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